Food Industry Donors

We offer the food Industry the opportunity to redirect good quality food, that would otherwise be thrown away, to people who need it. FareShare Cymru offers a professional service to the food industry that tackles your food waste issue and is beneficial to your company. FareShare Cymru utilises quality surplus food from all areas of the food industry and delivers it to local community organisations that are registered with us. FareShare is a tried and tested solution, with over 20 years experience working with the food industry across the network.

By making the commitment to work with FareShare Cymru, food companies can make a significant difference in helping to alleviate food poverty in Wales. Come on board and join companies who are already ensuring that as much as possible of their surplus food is going to people who need it through FareShare.

What food do we take?

Any food accepted by FareShare must comply with Food Safety legislation in terms of being fit for human consumption.

Food Should be :

  • Within the USE BY or BEST BEFORE date.
  • Packaged appropriately.
  • Delivered with all packaging intact.
  • Of good quality and checked for mould, bruising etc.
  • Compliant with all current Food Safety legislation including Temperature Control Regulations 1995.

How your company benefits

By collaborating with FareShare there are various benefits over and above any potential financial savings to your company:

  • Product traceability with social responsibility
  • Environmental benefits
  • Ethical supply chain – knowing that your company is “doing the right thing” with edible surplus
  • Employee satisfaction
  • A clear and tangible contribution to your CSR and sustainability strategy

Keeping the food safe


Each FareShare Regional Centre is audited regularly by NFS International using a specific audit process and audit documentation is available for each of our depots. An internal audit is also carried out by a qualified member of the national team every six months.

The FareShare database provides full traceability of all products from the time of receipt by FareShare to the point of delivery at the charities supplied to and also includes any product which has to be disposed of.

Food Safety Legislation

We adhere to and follow all relevant food safety legislation including:

  • Food Safety Act 1990
  • Food Hygiene Regulations England/Scotland 2006
  • Reg EC852/2004 Hygiene of Food Stuffs

In addition, FareShare has and follows a full HACCP Manual which ensures all appropriate processes and procedures are implemented across our network.

The food products are not sold or exchanged in any way and only supplied to an authorised outlet within the FareShare agreed compliance guidelines.


All FareShare Cymru staff have obtained Food Safety Qualifications and we provide training to our volunteers. We also require that a suitable level of training has been received by food handlers in the recipient Community Food Member organisations that we supply.

All of our depots use standard documentation and procedures.

Product Recall

In the unlikely event that a food supplier would need to recall their products, FareShare is able to undertake this process and provide genuine reassurance to our food partners.