Why Work With Us

We save good food destined for waste and redistribute it to charities and community groups who transform it into nutritious meals for vulnerable people.

Last year we redistributed enough food for 1.8 million meals. But it’s about more than meals. The organisations we supply food to are places that provide life changing support, as well as lunch and dinner.

The food provided by our community members encourages disadvantaged people into an environment where they can receive appropriate support.

Our simple, practical approach works. FareShare UK estimates that we save each charity an average of £13,000 a year, which is reinvested into vital support services..

Our Community food members tell us that the food we supply has helped them to:

  • Work with more people
  • Provide food more often
  • Make savings on their budgets which they are then able to reinvest in other parts of their service
  • Encourage people to come into their centres
  • Increase the nutritional value and the variety of the food that is served
  • Provide cooking courses to young people to give them the skills and confidence to be able to cook
  • Help their clients feel valued
  • Meet the needs of people and families within the communities that they operate and
  • Add value to the service that they provide

But don’t just take our word for it:

“I have found Fareshare to be an invaluable service in the support I provide to our young people.”

“We are so grateful for the food we receive and appreciate the tremendous savings that we make.”

“By having FareShare the numbers we can deal with has increased… With food, doubled what we are able to offer….”

“Serve far more healthy meals & welcome refuges & asylum seekers to Cardiff