Case Studies

Moorland Road Community Centre Case Study

“For most of us this is our main meal for the day, without it we’d all be lost. I can’t cook. When I’m at home I live on sandwiches and sausage rolls, anything easy.”- Fred

The Moorland Road Community Centre offers a daily lunch service that runs Monday-Friday for members of the local community. Fareshare Cymru delivers the food to the centre twice a week, which is then prepared into delicious, well-balanced meals by the skilled, hardworking volunteers.

Fred (left) & Jim

Fred (left) & Jim

Fred has attended Moorland community centre every day for the past eighteen month after his wife relocated to a nursing home. Fred explained that the community centre was pretty much home-from-home and that him and all his friends rely on it.

“My wife is in a home and the others have all lost their wives, so we’re all on our own really. We do have each other though!”

                                                                 Fred is one of many visitors who depend on Moorland Road Community Centre for their main meal.

Tom, aged 87, is unable to cook for himself and just leaving the house to go to the shops has been a challenge and recent attempts have unfortunately resulted in some nasty falls and an injured leg.

“I can make a cup of tea, but that’s about it, when you’re on your own it’s hard! There is a shop by me, but I don’t like to walk there because I’ve fallen down, so I’m really grateful for all of this.”-Tom

Equally important is the fact that meals are eaten outside of the home and with others, providing the opportunity for social contact and being out and about in the local community. Fareshare isn’t just feeding hungry bellies; it brings people together, builds friendships, creates memories and prevents isolation.

Valerie, Marilyn and Sheila have attended the luncheon club twice a week for the past three years. For them, the club provides much more than just delicious meals:

Valerie, Jan, Sandra, Marilyn & Iris

Valerie, Jan, Sandra, Marilyn & Iris

It gets us out, we have all lost our husbands so it’s nice to know you’ve got something to look forward too.” -Valerie

“If it was to close, we’d miss it terribly, we wouldn’t go anywhere.” – Marilyn

“I come here for the food and the company. All of these people are familiar faces and the volunteers are so nice!”– Sheila

“Fareshare has been invaluable to our daily luncheon club that we run here at Moorland Road. They have helped not only financially but have also enabled us to pass food products on to isolated people in our community. The quality of the produce we receive is fantastic!” -Dorothy.

And those that use the centre agree:

“Fareshare are doing a wonderful job, I don’t think this place would be as popular without it. – Tom

“The food is always beautiful, we get a new menu a week in advance so we know what we’re going to be having.”- Jan

                    “If the centre were to close we would break our hearts.”- Fred

                                     “This is the highlight of my day!” – Marvis

Moorland Road Community Centre is just one example of how Fareshare is making difference to people’s lives. By simply providing economical sources of food that were once destined for waste, luncheon clubs like this one can remain open.